Cubby box


We both like swimmin'

Ok!  So you won’t think its exciting, but for me, the Cubby Box fitting is a sign that my Land Rover Defender 90 has finished its makeover.  It (she, he, yes, no, the name debate goes on) is ready for our trip. I just have to fill it with all my junk and off we go, leaving the family home in the hands of a hermit with a shotgun.

I note that I referred to the trip as ‘our’ trip which suggests bonding has occurred.  I think a name is fair and proper. Later….. when we have been alone for a while.

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First time for everything

This is my travel blog.  I am about to embark on a road trip of some 2,000 miles and want to use the trip to practice video and camera work, paint, sketch and swim, swim, swim.  Forgive my amateurish offerings and feel free to contact me with your positively critical thoughts.

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